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Solution-Oriented Family Business & Management Consulting

Red Book - Family Business Consulting

At Neil Koenig, PhD, INC in Clovis, California, I provide family business consulting and management consulting for professional firms, such as CPA, law, and medical practices. I specialize in solving people issues, teaching leadership skills, and helping businesses develop and implement succession plans.

Family Business Consulting

After more than two decades of working with family businesses, I have learned that establishing governance structures, such as Ownership Councils and Boards of Directors, and facilitating key meetings and retreats are just some of the best ways to resolve organizational issues and management succession issues. Through the years, I have also gathered the following building blocks on which strong family-owned businesses are built:

• Legacy
• Purpose
• Values
• Code of Conduct
• Direction
• Strategic Plans
• Measurements
Blue Book - Family Business Consulting

Professional Firm Consulting

The services I provide as a professional firm consultant to health care workers, lawyers, and accountants include:

• Coaching Managing Partners & Medical Directors
• Consulting Partners on Working Together
• Leadership Training via The Good Hearted, Hard Nosed
  Leader Program©
• Succession Planning & Resolving Succession Issues
• Assessing Organizational Health
• Planning Humane & Efficient Tax Seasons


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